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Discover a range of tailored cleaning services designed to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial spaces. From emergency water mitigation to meticulous carpet cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results while prioritizing your satisfaction and peace of mind. Dive into our service offerings below and let us transform your living or working environment today.

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Services FAQ

Are the cleaning chemicals safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely. Our carpet cleaning process is entirely chemical-free and soap-free, ensuring a safe environment for your family and pets. Not only do we remove irritants like pet dander and allergens, but we also prioritize creating a healthier living and working space for everyone.

Do you provide estimates?

Certainly. We offer complimentary estimates for all our services. Our team is dedicated to tailoring our offerings to precisely meet your requirements.

Is there anything I should prepare before my carpet, tile, or upholstery cleaning appointment?

Prior to your appointment, we kindly request that you pick up small items such as toys, clothing, and plants from the floor, and remove breakables from the tops of furniture in the designated cleaning areas. Additionally, for the safety of your pets, we recommend securing them in a separate area before our arrival.

Do I need to rearrange furniture before my carpet or tile cleaning service?

Our technicians can safely move small items such as end tables, coffee tables, and small chairs to ensure thorough cleaning underneath. However, for larger pieces like beds, dressers, or dining tables, we kindly ask that you relocate them prior to our arrival if you wish to have the flooring cleaned underneath. Otherwise, we'll clean around these larger items for your convenience.

What are the post-cleaning instructions for carpet, upholstery, or tile?

After our service, carpets will be dry to the touch, but we suggest waiting 4-6 hours before moving furniture or walking on them to prevent any potential damage. Tile is ready for immediate use after cleaning. To maintain floors, we recommend mopping with a neutral cleaner. Upholstery typically takes 4-6 hours to dry fully, so it's best to avoid sitting on furniture during this time to allow proper drying.

What is your process for cleaning rugs?

For optimal results, we suggest bringing your rugs to our shop for thorough cleaning and drying on both sides. Our tailored process effectively removes allergens, stains, odors, and bacteria, ensuring a refreshed rug. Enjoy the convenience of our free pick-up and delivery service within our service area.

Is there a travel fee?

No, there's no travel fee within our service area for any of our services.

Do you guarantee the removal of stains and odors?

While we cannot assure complete removal of stains, we guarantee transparent communication throughout the cleaning process. If we encounter areas that may not improve after our service, we'll discuss them with you. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we're committed to utilizing all available resources to deliver the best possible outcome, leaving your home or business in better condition than we found it.

What types of buildings and what industries do you clean?

We provide services for a wide range of businesses throughout our service area. This includes financial institutions, business offices, automobile dealerships, medical offices, and oilfield offices and plants.

What cleaning schedules do you offer?

We can customize a cleaning regimen to fit your business’s specific needs. We offer services duringbusiness hours or after hours at a frequency of your choosing.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, a certificate of insurance and a copy of our bond is provided to all of our commercial janitorialcustomers.

What happens if I have questions or concerns?

We pride ourselves on communication. You will have open communication with our owners and/ormanagers at all times; therefore, if an issue arises, you can reach out to them directly and they willimmediately respond and work with you to find a solution.

Can you provide other building maintenance needs?

Yes. We can provide paper goods, carpet cleaning, emergency water damage, upholstery and rugcleaning, tile cleaning, and floor maintenance. All these services will be offered at a discount to all of ourjanitorial customers. Our team is trained to immediately notify management of any issues they comeacross whilst cleaning your building. For example, if they notice a toilet over flowing, they willimmediately contact management who will rapidly work to resolve the issue.

Do you offer 24 Hour Water Mitigation Services?

Yes, if we are available to address the situation, we will dispatch our technicians immediately.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, we will work with you and provide any information your insurance company may need.

Do you remove mold?

We do not offer mold remediation; however, there are steps we take to prevent mold from occurringduring our water mitigation process. It is very important to call us as soon as possible to lessen thechances of mold occurring in the affected areas.

Will the disinfectant discolor any of my finishes and/or furniture?

No, the disinfectant we use is safe on all surfaces. It may leave light spots on hard surfaces, but they areeasily wiped clean, once the disinfectant is dry.

Is the disinfectant safe for my kids and/or animals?

This disinfectant we use is food prep safe; therefore, it is safe for all members of the family, once it is dry.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the size of the home or building, the process can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as afew hours. Once our application process is complete, we recommend staying out of the facility for 2hours to allow the disinfectant to properly settle and dry.

Do we have to be out of our home or office during the application process?

Yes. Our application process utilizes electrostatic machines that dispense a fine mist throughout the areabeing sprayed. In order to protect you and your family or employees from breathing the mist in, werequire all people and animals to be out of the home or office during the application process.

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